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    A friend of mine called me to ask if I could find out more on the story in the link. She heard a blurb about this story on the radio and said it sounded like the person was locked up all these years for trying to integrate a swimming pool.

    I told her that you don't have to be in prison to be pardoned, that many people get pardoned well after they have served their sentence.

    She said "I thought so, it's just that they should say that ya' know, it's really irresponsible reporting."

    I cut in with "Let me guess, you were listening to NPR weren't you?"

    With a heavy sigh that saw my rant coming she admitted she was and then asked how I knew that.

    "Simple," I replied while giggling, "irresponsible reporting and NPR go hand in hand."

    She growled.

    I laughed harder.
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