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    It seems to me that most bloggers on the "right", i.e. republican, conservative or generally in touch with the truth of things, don't get tons of comments on their blogs, and those they generally do get are usually pointing out small bits they missed, expanding on the info the blogger posted or 'props' to that blogger. When the occasional 'lefty' strays onto one of those 'right' blogs and posts a comment they are generally shut down rather quickly and swamped with logical counterpoints and they swiftly melt back into cyberspace.

    However on the 'left' blogs, there are always commentors popping on and arguing against them, pointing out the facts of the case and generally stirring up a ruckus with the left blogger and the comments section just grows. I have been guilty of this behavior. Mostly when I have plenty of time to kill and just feel like pissing off some wrongheaded cretin. I have also noticed that the few 'lefties' that do stick around on a 'right' blog and duke it out get tiresome quickly as they usually just recycle the same old tired arguments and refuse to admit that maybe, just maybe, they aren't thinking straight.

    I am forced to conclude from this line of thought that being 'right' can sometimes be a much more lonely proposition where comments and lively dialogue (read argument) is concerned, but it sure beats being an idiot.
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