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    I thought I would re-post something from awhile back on my other blog. I drove past this sign recently and it has been in my head. Hope you enjoy it.

    Originally posted on:
    Monday, September 13, 2004

    Recently I was driving up the road and noticed a sign just off of the highway. On the side of the road, beyond the freeway fence, someone had made a sign, with 4X4 posts and a sheet of plywood.

    On this sign they had spray painted a message. The message made me think, "Hhhmmm...I wonder if he sits and stays also?"

    The sign said "Jesus Heels"

    I think I am going to get a dog and name him Jesus. I will teach him to heel....and Heal. I wonder if he needs a medical license for that? I can teach him to fetch. Yeah, I will take him to the lake and toss a stick out over the water and watch in delight when he scampers over the top of the lake to bring it back. I wonder if I can teach him to turn water to wine? THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!!!!!

    I don't believe that I will teach him to play dead.

    He would probably just lie there for 3 days and then wake up one morning, bark a few dog words of wisdom, and float off into the clouds.

    Nah, I don't think I will teach him to play dead.

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