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    The Wide Awakes was a calm, peaceful dream. We were walking on a lake shore at sunset. You looked so serene, with a scarf wrapped about your face, flung over your shoulders with abandon...your nut brown tresses spilling from it.

    As the darkness closed in we found ourselves alone. Hand in hand we strolled, walking while the moon rose and the crickets sang their mating tune. You hair shone in the moonlight, your eyes sparkled with merriment and peace...your skin luminous in the soft shine of Luna.

    We sang of love and summer breezes;
    Spoke of hopes and fears;
    We talked all through the long soft night;
    Sometimes through our tears.

    As morning dawned the mist arose from the water. You faded away like the moonlight, a vapor I couldn't grasp and I found myself alone upon that cold mist enshrouded shore, holding nothing but your scarf.
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