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    With the end of Fred Thompson's campaign for President many conservatives are disheartened with this years election cycles, feeling as if they have suddenly been cast adrift in an ocean of liberal insanity, and in fact, that pretty much have been.

    The list of candidates on the right are, quite simply, not conservatives, at least, not in any honest sense of the word. Oh sure, they pass the conservative sniff test on this issue or that one, but start sniffing around too much and this bunch stinks to high heaven.

    I won't go into all of the gory details on this bunch, they are well known to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention, unfortunately that seems to be a small number of people these days, so if you are reading this and don't know the drawbacks of the current crop of GOP hopefuls go do some research and see why the GOP is S.O.L this year.

    I am not sure if this is the doing of Bush and his merry band of over spenders, or if an influx of "Neocons" (post 9-11 conservatives) had a hand in the current direction of the party, but I do know that the media coverage, favorable of the GOP open borders champion, Juan, "Come on een senor" McCain, hasn't helped.

    So what happens if McCain gets the nomination? Enough conservatives are out there refusing to vote for mccain to make a Dem victory almost a given, and if that happens the dem in office will almost certainly get some sort of amnesty passed, giving the left 20 million + new voters by the time twenty twelve rolls around, pretty much assuring the republicans won't win a majority of elections for who knows how long, unless the dem in office is such a useless twit that they screw everything up beyond recognition, which is a real possibility.

    Let's say, for the sake of argument, that hillary becomes our next president. Regardless of what has been said, hillary is NOT going to drag our troops home with one fell swoop of her presidential pen on opening day, no matter what her nutroot base demands, and that is because the moment she does (or obama if he gets the win) Al-Q claims a victory over the great satan, recruitment goes into over drive, terror attacks go up due to a reinvigorated jihadist movement and the GOP can rightfully say that the Dems handed us a less safe world and a defeat on the field of battle.

    And if there is one thing an American won't stand for it's defeat.

    So if the Dems win the White House expect them to anger their nutroot base by not surrendering as a first move in office, losing support over the course of four years. Do expect them to open the border. Do expect them to raise taxes and increase entitlement programs. Do expect them to cut down the military and not go after our enemies.

    And what happens if Juan "Come on een senor" McCain gets in? Don't expect him to secure the border either. I knwo he has said he would, but so did the asshats in congress that passed a bill about building a wall....yeah that's happening huh? Just because they say they're gonna do it doesn't mean it's gonna be. I do see McCain doing good for the military and fighting the war on terror, but why lock the front door and leave the back one open?

    So what if romney wins? Dunno......and as for should he win that's an entirely different question.

    Bush and the majority of congress had years to do the right thing. They didn't.....they spent money like drunken sailors on leave, in copious amounts that will only be eclipsed the the Dems during the next four years if they win in November. Frankly, right now, we do not deserve to lead, if you go by Bush's record, and what else can you go on? The GOP has tossed crap at us, and stood by their current batch of spendalots, and frankly they look as if they are happy with the status quo and not looking to change the direction of the party.

    Maybe, JUST MAYBE, what they really need is a kick in the ass and four years to lick their wounds. Oh six taught them nothing...they seem to believe that the threat of the Dems swamping us with even more socialist programs and amnesty is enough for us to vote for folks the likes of mccain, huck and St. Rudylicious of the Perpetual Mistress, but I am hearing in discussions I am having with conservatives across the country that the GOP needs a wake up call and we, conservatives, can fix any problem tossed at us, so let hillary have the white house because she'll screw it up so badly that she very well could lose the Dems so much support in four short years that the Republicans could get their majority back.

    What'd I'd like to see is least with romney we are in a holding pattern, power wise, and maybe at that point we can try to rebuild the trust we have lost under Sir Spendalot, but if that is the way the cookie crumbles it will be one hell of a fight for us to do so. If anyone of those other yo-yo's get in we may have, at that point, handed the country to a big government adherent anyway, and it won't matter if the CIC had an R or a D, because at the end of the day we still get a bigger government that is more intrusive and money hungry than before.

    If anyone but romney is our candidate please pull the lever for whoever the Dems put up....if we're gonna hand this country over to a big government statist, I'd rather that person has a D after their name, because if they don't then conservatism won't be dead, it will have been killed by cowardly traitors who thought it better to surrender principles in a quest to win an election than actually act like the conservatives they claimed to be.
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