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    The Writers Guild of America (WGA) wouldn't give the Golden Globes a waiver for their awards ceremony, prompting the awards show to go on in a news conference style format, and may very well charge for clips used during the upcoming Oscars, but they have gladly stepped aside and let the NAACP Image Awards go right along without a hitch.


    Stopping the Golden Globes (which I really don't care about) seemed mean spirited, as it is an awards ceremony for the actors, which really have nothing to do with this fight (they didn't start it and they seem to support it-which just goes to show that actors are, for the most part, socialist minded twits) but letting the NAACP Awards go on smacks of racism.

    WHy didn't the WGA stick to their guns and refuse a waiver for the NAACP Awards? Because they know that the NAACP would (wrongfully) call them racist if they did, and they don't want to deal with the bad publicity. If they had any legitimacy at all they would have refused the waiver. Unions are a hold over from an earlier era, and are highly socialist in nature.

    I hope teh writers union gets busted to the curb. Then maybe we'd see some better writing come out of hollywierd.
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