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    This is a response to Fred being labeled toxic; located here because apparently this user doesn’t want the lies exposed.

    We’ll take these points one by one and I will show you why Fred’s positions he has taken are the correct choices for America.

    Voted against women in the military having access to
    abortion services.

    Of course he did. First off women in the military should NOT be getting pregnant. They signed up for a set amount of time to serve, and they should honor that contract and worry about having kids after they get out.

    Voted against stem cell research.

    Of course he did. If stem cell research is so promising let private industry finance it and make a profit from they work. It is not the role of government to finance research that could very well be done by private industry.

    He is against reproductive rights for women and men?

    I don’t even know where that came from. Maybe from the fact that he believes that abortion is a states rights issue. While we are on the subject of reproductive rights for men, what about the fact that if a woman gets pregnant she can choose to keep the baby, making the man liable for his share of expenses even if he didn’t want a kid, but she cal also choose to abort that child, even if the man wants it?

    Voted that hate crime legislation should not include sexual orientation.

    Of course he did….hate crime laws are stupid. ALL crime is a hate crime. Ever heard of a love crime? Me neither. I have heard of crimes of passion, but what kind of love is involved when you hurt or kill the one you love?

    Voted against using 10% of highway funds for women and minorities.

    Of course he did. Those funds are supposed to be FOR THE HIGHWAYS!!!

    Voted against government support of women and minority business owners.

    Of course he did. That smacks of socialism. The governments job is not to artificially prop up business owners based on some arbitrary class designation.

    Voted against same sex marriages.

    Of course he did. This issue, like abortion, is a states right issue, one the federal government should not be involved in.

    Voted no on prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation.

    Of course he did. Sexual orientation is a choice, and protecting a class of people who make a choice about how to live their life is wrong. We choose who to sleep with. Just like we choose whether or not to use illegal drugs.

    Voted yes on amendment to prohibit flag burning.

    Actually I don’t get this one….burning the flag as a political protest should be allowed…..but so should someone kicking your ass, solely as an act of counter protesting, for burning that flag.

    Voted NO on 1.5 billion a year to continue the COPS program.

    Of course he did. Local policing is NOT the responsibility of the federal government.

    Voted yes on limiting death penalty appeals.

    Of course he did. Murderers already get 20 years worth of appeals, and that is 20 years more than they gave their victims.

    Voted yes on limiting product liability punitive damages awards.

    Of course he did. Tort reform is desperately needed in this country. What do you think drives up the price of everything, especially healthcare? Insurance rates. Why are insurance rates going up? The high cost of lawsuits.

    Voted yes in restricting class action lawsuits.

    Of course he did. Again, tort reform is needed, and class action lawsuits only feed the beast.

    He denies global warming.

    NO, he denies MAD MADE global Warming. The alleged consensus on global warming is bogus, with a slew of actual planetary scientists disagreeing with al gore and his fellow schemers.

    Voted yes on defunding renewable and solar energy.

    Of course he did. It is not the federal governments place to fund an industry that should be doing its’ own R&D. Let private companies create these energy systems and profit from selling them.

    Voted yes on approving a nuclear waste repository.

    Of course he did. We have to put the waste somewhere. What’s funny is so many people that scream about alternative sources of energy are also the ones that deny us the use of nuclear. To let the envirowackos have their way would put us all in mud huts eating tofu and dressing in leaves.

    Voted No on allowing the reimportation of drugs from Canada.

    This is a patent LIE!!!!

    He DID NOT. What he did vote on was S. 812, which states “The secretary of Health and Human Services would be authorized to announce regulations allowing pharmacists and wholesalers to import prescription drugs from Canada into the United States. Canadian pharmacies and wholesalers that provide drugs for importation would be required to register with Health and Human Services. Individuals would be allowed to import prescription drugs from Canada. The medication would have to be for an individual use and a supply of less than 90-days.”

    Voted NO on allowing patients to sue HMO’s and collect punitive damages.

    Another damned lie.

    He voted to provide federal protections, such as access to specialty and emergency room care, and allow patients to sue health insurers in state and federal courts. Economic damages would not be capped, and punitive damages would be capped at $5 million.

    Voted no on including prescription drugs under Medicare.

    AND YET ANOTHER DAMNED LIE!!! I am on medicare and have prescription drug coverage.

    Here’s the truth;

    Vote to establish a prescription drug benefit program through the Medicare health insurance program. Among other provisions, Medicare would contribute at least 50% of the cost of prescription drugs and beneficiaries would pay a $250 deductible

    Voted yes on killing an increase in the minimum wage.

    Of course he did. The government has no right to dictate what I get paid for my job, unless they’re the ones offering the wage. If raising the minimum wage is so great for everyone, let’s raise it to $25.00 an hour and raise everyone out of poverty. You know why we don’t do that? Because then a cheeseburger would be 25 bux. If government has the right to regulate what minimum wage is, why don’t they sue Google’s founders for only paying themselves a dollar a year?

    Voted no on reducing marriage penalty instead of cutting top tax rates.

    Of course he did. What’s going to spur investment into the economy that creates jobs better? Letting dick and jane pay a bit less taxes or giving a cut to the people that create businesses and hire people?

    He has said he will do essentially what the current president is doing in Iraq.

    Of course he did. Because the current president is kicking ass and taking names and understand that running off before the job is done is called defeat. And only our enemies or a traitor calls for our defeat on the field of battle.

    Voted yes on authorizing use of force against iraq.

    Yeppers he sure did….so did hillary Clinton and everyone else that had the same info from that President Bush had on Iraq.

    In short, Fred Thompson is a Conservative, and all that goes along with it. I defy you to show me one other person, that is electable, running for the nomination on the Republican ticket that outshines Fred Thompson as a conservative.

    You won't be able to do it. If we, as a party, don't back a true conservative candidate, we will lose the White House in Oh on that my friends.....a vote for anyone but Fred Thompson is a vote for socialism.

    Let Freedom Ring, Vote For Fred Thompson for President.
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