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    My good friend and internet security guru John Bambenek has uncovered and is covering a story of ghastly evil that has been spawned in the bastion of idiocy San Francisco.

    I am firmly of the belief that 'frisco (the folks that live there hate it when you call it "frisco") should be quarantined from the rest of humanity, and all the simpletons in berserkely should be sent there when we do it. Dig a moat across the peninsula, tear down the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge and cut off communications by jamming all signals and cutting their power and phone lines. Then blockade the docks.

    I am serious. Those people are friggin nuts.....why just the other day they came down hard on Barack Obama for saying we need to fix social security.

    Anyway, it seems the ACLU (paragon of defense against all things sensible and cheerleader of the Religion of Secularism) has filed suit against the U.S. Government for having the balls to give people a paid day off for Christmas.

    If this is allowed to stand, if this suit gains traction and is seen through to its conclusion, and Christmas is lost to us, then they had better cease giving hoidays for anything, including Ramadan.

    Personally I think the ACLU has their heads up their collective asses and should be tried as seditious morons and then given cut rate lobotomies in a mexican medical clinic.

    But that's just me.

    So click the link in the title of this post and read all about it. As John says, the ACLU could go down as the law firm that stole Christmas.
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