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    America? We need to talk.

    Specifically we need to talk if you are a conservative and or consider yourself a patriot, and not one of those traitorous patriots on the left, who actually speak more like an enemy of the state than a proud citizen of the greatest country ever anywhere.

    I need to know what you are thinking.

    Specifically I need to know why Rudy Giuliani is leading in the polls?

    Can you honestly say that Rudy is a conservative?

    He has stood against the 2nd Amendment, for gay rights (which are in essence special privileges for a group of people that have made a choice) been in favor of illegals (and the old saw of "He did it to reduce crimes" simply shows that he can compromise his principles with the best of them) and ran around on his wife, publically, and then moved in with a gay couple (probably because nobody else would have him at that moment) showing that his adherence to vows he willingly takes is suspect at best.

    If he was so willing to toss aside the oath he took for marriage, a personal oath that is supposed to come from the heart and be meant with every fiber in your body, how serious is he going to take the oath of president?

    With the nomination of Rudy the GOP slides ever leftward surrendering gay issues for certain, and possibly giving up gun rights and illegal alien issues.

    What issues are you going to be willing to give up in '08? What about in 2012?

    In short, Rudy is NOT a conservative, and has never claimed to be.

    Sure, he cleaned up New York but New York is NOT the United States, and the things he did to clean up New York are not gonna work for the country as a whole. For instance, giving illegals a pass to help with the crime rate is not gonna work when illegals ARE the crime that needs to be dealt with, and dealt with WITHOUT COMPROMISE. Putting more boots on the ground AT THE BORDER is the first order of business, and Rudy has already said we can't possibly deport millions of people.

    I call bullshit on that one. This, people, is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and we CAN do whatever we set our minds to do. We beat back the fascists in WW2, stopped communist aggression and won the cold war, put a man on the friggin moon and gave the world damned near every decent advancement for humanity in the last century.

    Affordable automobiles?

    That was us.

    The highest rate of home ownership in history?

    That was us.

    The polio vaccine?

    Us again.

    Oh yeah, and that whole freedom thingy?

    Ours....from the get go.

    Now why and how we did what we have done is the one thing you should be pondering at this moment. How did we do it?


    Men have the freedom in this country to succeed or fail on their own merits, without interference by the state. To accomplish this end we need a government that is small and doesn't meddle where it shouldn't meddle, which means we need a government that believes in states rights, a government that promotes Federalism and realizes that the federal government is not there to solve all the problems that people have.

    And the one person that is running for President that embodies those ideals, that has shown consistently that he is a Federalist that believes in states rights first, is Fred Dalton Thompson.

    Now many people out there are saying Fred is lazy.

    Let me tell you something. If being a successful lawyer, prosecutor, lobbyist, actor and State Senator is the job history of a lazy man then dammit give me more lazy men. Not to mention that unlike so many others that could get a mention here Fred GAVE UP his Senator seat when he felt he had done what he set out to do. He came, He served, He went back to his life.

    And now, the Republic needs a man like Fred, and Fred knows it. He may not seem all fired up to do the job, but that's because so many of you out there don't understand Fred. Fred is the Quiet Man. The man that sees a job that needs done, and simply sets about to doing it, not taking every possible opportunity to crow about his accomplishments. That's because Fred is NOT a career politician. Fred is a patriot, who loves his country and wants to help out and set her back on the course that has brought us to the point we are at now.

    Fred is exactly what we need right now at this point in history. He is the only man running that has consistently shown a concern for doing the right thing, with a strong belief in states rights and a refreshing honesty that embodies exactly the kind of person that should be running this country, but has been absent from the national stage for far too long.

    Vote for Fred Dalton Thompson
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