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    Imagine the shock when I saw this story about Toby Keith supporting Obama.

    Keith, known to main stream Americans for his song "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue," has apparently smoked one too many doobs with Willy and drank a couple of gallons of Liberal Kool-Aid stating he's a democrat and is impressed by Senator Obama.

    My shock goes to the bone. To have one of the most patriotic country stars step up and publicly admire the most socialist twit to ever run for the office of President is flabbergasting in the least. I am wondering how this will play in Nashville. I'd like to know why Toby has suddenly decided Freedom isn't worth fighting for and why it is my fellow citizens who toil away at their jobs should be forced to support those who refuse to do so. I'd really like to know, just for fairness sake, what makes him think he has any more standing to comment on national politics. I don't like it when the simpletons in Hollyweird make policy statements so I have to hold Mr. Keith to the same standards.

    Either way I have lost respect for the man and must seriously consider if I will be purchasing his next musical endeavor.

    I humbly suggest you folks consider doing the same.
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