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    Linked in the title is a story about environmentalists that are now fighting wind farms.


    Apparently these wind farms are allegedly responsible for the deaths of some predatory birds that use it the land they are on as a feeding ground.

    Environmentalists claim that they aren't against wind farms, but that their locations should be chosen more carefully, so as to avoid having an impact on wildlife. I am wondering just where that place may be.....Mars? Mars has wind. How about in the middle of the city? NonononononoNO......pigeons live there, and we wouldn't want any precious little pigeons getting their stupid asses whacked by a windmill now would we?

    Oh about out at sea? Yeah, there is plenty of wind at sea, and peoplel have been harnessing that wind for thousands of years, so that would be ok to build wind farms at sea right? What?

    WTF do you mean no, building it offshore would not only endanger seabirds but would be an eyesore to beachgoers?

    OK FINE!!!!!

    You know what? I give the hell up. Let's just go do what this guy here has done and be done with it.

    But just know that if you bitch about one little worm losing his home I am so gonna kick your ass!!!!

    and linked at
    Stop the ACLU
    Euphoric Reality
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