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    I can't stop laughing.

    Linked in the title is a gem I found while checking my sitemeter stats.

    It seems that I have pissed off some bedwetter, to the point that he is linking not only to me, but to Jay, Ogre and a few others. Of course, no list of bloggers that make liberals foam at the mouth would be complete without a link to the Number One Liberal Bashing Blog, and, like a good little drone, our friend at Endorphin Cult does toss in a link to Cao.

    Now, I expect Cao to get better reviews than I do, as she has been at this longer and has a bigger following of moonbats, cretins and other assorted crapbags from the left side of the street, so this bit was no surprise;

    This Midwestern bumpkinette is the source of all of the garbage cut and pasted from creationist sites and thrown haphazardly into a number of arguments on the other blogs. She thinks that John Kerry is a criminal but that Tom DeLay is on the level, placing her firmly in the upper echelon of the mudbrain brigade above.

    But to see that I got a special mention at the end of the article made my day.

    Kender, for example, uses the tagline "Pissing off liberals since 1968," which means, much to my horror, that he's at least 36 (whether he started his campaign as an infant or as a 20-year-old makes little difference in the intellectual league his team's in, but I had gigured him for 16 or 17).

    The writer goes on to spew such gems as;

    In addition to whining, lying, dodging with all of the deftness of drunken wallabys, and confabulating, these bloggers have kept interlopers at bay by employing strategies ranging from editing comments, deleting comments and prohibiting comments altogether to retiring from the blogosphere.

    Which makes me wonder just which crapbag this is that has obviously been banned from someone's site, (most likely Cao's), and causes me to chuckle that this moron still doesn't understand that free speech doesn't apply to personal blogs.

    And this gem;

    Taken as a unit, these people are therefore a bunch of weak-minded, pre-programmed, God-fearing freak-fucked buffoons who are in fine form when they're got only each other for company, but are unable to withstand genuine challenges to their ideas.

    Ah, I laugh everytime I read this stuff. What genuine challenge to our ideas? The point is that our ideas are correct, and folks like these don't like being told they are wrong, stupid or whiny losers.

    Anyway, to the writer of these comments, one very disturbed and obviously non-medicated "kemibe Dark Lord of the Inner Circle", I say thank you. Your review made my day. I am still laughing.

    One question though.

    Would that inner circle that you are the dark lord of be your sphincter?

    Linked at Stop the ACLU
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