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    My buddy The Mary Hunter thoughtfully tagged me with one of those damnable memes. He was tagged by David at Third World County. David, just to let you know, started this meme. Usually I hate these things, but since this one let's those tagged bash the ACLU, I am gladly joining in.

    David is asking one simple question;

    “If you could hang a sign on the ACLU building to …draw attention to it, what would you put on your sign?”

    I got tagged along with these other vict.....I mean bloggers.

    Oregano at Cafe Oregano
    Jo at Jos Cafe
    Gribbet at Conservative Angst
    William Teach at Pirate's Cove.

    Before I give you what my sign says for the ACLU, I am tagging these fine folks that should go read the fine print at TMHBaconbits.

    I tag Ogre and The MadTech, along with Jay, who may very well already be tagged but I am sure he can come up with more than one sign, and finally, (and I know I am being ballsy here), Rick over at RightWingNutHouse.

    Here are some rules for you guys.

    Next steps for those tagged:

    1) Write a cool sign;
    2) Add your name and a link to the bottom of The Linkie List below (don’t remove names from the top);
    3) Trackback either to the originating post or to the post of the post that tagged you (that would be this one);
    4) Tag five more blog buddies to follow these instrux… that’s all!

    The Linkie List (to add your blog name beneath):

    Euphoric Reality
    Third World County
    TMH’s Bacon Bits

    As for my sign? It would be a simple large yellow sign and would state in large black letters;


    Linked at Stop the ACLU
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