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    ...Todays episode of "Let's Piss Off The Liberal Left".

    Alright let's get started shall we?

    Todays show highlights the liberal lefts' agenda to destroy America as we know and love it. Just so none of our brainwashed-closet-communist-liberal-wackjobs out there in the blogosphere don't get confused (we know how easily THAT happens) we are going to define the word "Liberal". defines a liberal as: "a person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties"
    I believe that most liberals, being the brainwashed automatons that they are belive in their heart of hearts that this definition does indeed describe them.

    THEY ARE WRONG!!!! But then we know that don't we?

    Now that we have that established I will explain just why todays "liberals" are liberals of a dangerous stripe. These are not the liberals of yesteryear, whose sole intent was to help poor people prosper. The new liberal of today is bent on the destruction of our civil liberties with the end goal of communism in mind.
    There are, unfortunately, many people that don't realize this, and happily support the democrats and the ACLU, ignorantly toddling along this most destructive road, all the while believing that they are honest patriots that just want what is best for America.

    In an earlier post I posted a list of communist goals for taking over America. Most of these things have been put into action by the democrats, and undereducated Americans who have lost, or in the case of the younger generation never had, their critical thinking skills, never saw it coming. America has stood by long enough watching these bastards destroy our country while leading us down the road to a seriously weakened nation. If this continues for much longer this Great Experiment in Self Governance will fail, and not because it doesn't work, but because We The People got too damn lazy to protect ourselves and forgot the principles this country was founded on in the first place.

    I will take these definitions one at a time.

    Progress is just what the democrats are accomplishing. Progress towards a nany state that coddles you from the cradle to the grave. Progress towards a socialist or communist country. The difference in what they get is completely up to you. If you stand and fight now, their "progress" can be halted and trends reversed towards our days of greatness. The days when an American could make a better life or not, depending on their drive, ambition and skill. The left, in league with the ACLU, is dragging us down the road that will lead to our demise. Anyone that reads this, or anything else that state these truths are, if they do nothing to fight it, complicit in this plan and should be brought up on charges of treason. That is right. All you "liberals" out there that know what is happening are TRAITORS!!!

    Reform. Just what is the left and the ACLU trying to reform? I will tell you. A great country where, once upon a time, and man could take hard work or a good idea, toss in some intelligence and maybe a smidge of luck and be a successful person. They could better their place in society. When that happened his family would have a bigger home and could afford to have those things which denoted wealth, whether it was a housekeeper or a bigger car, or perhaps be able to afford a better college for their kids. The "reform" happening in this country now is completely against all those things that made America great. We are told that the state can raise our children better, instilling in them "Politically Correct Values" of "Tolerance" and "Global Thinking". These are terms that are leading us astray.

    Protection of Civil Liberties. Under the guise of protecting our civil liberties the ACLU is trying to force feed us 'Tolerance'. Tolerance is one thing, but blind aquiesence to evil is completely another. Should we tolerate NAMBLA simply because they claim that the things they do are their 'beliefs'? The ACLU, by the way, is counsel for NAMBLA, pro bono at that. Should we tolerate the constant assault on our civil liberties by being told that school children can't sing Silent Night in school because it is a 'religious song'? What ever happened to Freedom of Speech? I guess it doesn't apply if religion is involved. At least if that religion is Christianity. If it is Islam we must 'tolerate' it, or be labeled a bigot and possibly a racist.

    Now on to the bonus round.

    The ACLU. ACLU founder Roger Baldwin, said ""I have continued directing the unpopular fight for the rights of agitation, as director of the American Civil Liberties Union." Now that may sound innocuous enough. It is the right, indeed the duty of every citizen to question the government, after all it is our government. By the People For the People Of the People...remember that? But Roger Baldwin takes it to a step that, if successful, will have made the cold war a failure. He was nothing short of a communist.
    The rest of his quote goes like this "I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal."

    Do you hear that you brainwashed leftists?????

    "Communism is the goal" Do you see where you are leading us by being sheep? Is it any wonder that so many people would vote for Bush knowing what you know now?

    I realize that alot of people that vote democrat are not well off, but do you idiots actually think that getting rid of the propertied class is a good thing? Do you not have one ounce of ambition to better yourself and own your own house? Or make enough money to go on a vacation somewhere you always wanted to see?

    Or do you want to sit on your ass and let the government take care of you and tell you where to live by assigning you a house and tell you what you can do for a job because that is what they need done? Do you really not see where the current democrat party is leading you? Are you so dense that this sounds good to you?

    Communism, under any name is evil...socialism is one degree removed from communism, and is just as evil in its' own way. The long and short of it is if we don't do something to stop the far left and the ACLU we are doomed. Freedom is doomed. Liberty is doomed. If these guys are successful a great nation will perish, beaten from within by laziness on our part and traitorous bastards with law degrees.

    Stand up people...stand up and fight before it is too late.

    "Liberty is often a heavy burden on a man. It involves the necessity
    for perpetual choice which is the kind of labor men have always
    dreaded." --Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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