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    "The proposals were welcomed by the majority of Britain's religious communities -- particularly its 1.8 million Muslims who say they have been subjected to a surge in abuse since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq."

    Really? You think? British people don't want to be a muslim country any more than the U.S. or most of Europe, but the path of appeasment Europe has been following for 30 years is certainly putting them at the risk of that.

    Simply by the fact that muslims are getting bigger populations in European countries, and gaining citizenship, and voting, and having a say in the way the country runs, they are a threat if radical factions gain power. This is how they do that. Slowly. First they will stop satire of themselves. At least this time they are using a law to do that, and not a gun and two knives. If artistic freedom is quashed, then freedom of speech is not far behind.

    Unfortunately, the only path I see, as cruel as it sounds, is to be blatently racist for awhile. Bar the immmigration of Arabs and monitor mosques and muslim people. Let's face it here people. Radical Islam is a serious threat to the peace of the world and the freedom of the 'west', and since moderate muslims will not help us police the radicals in their ranks then we simply must take a hardline stance and send them packing until such time as they (moderate muslims) see fit to side with peace and freedom.

    Once they do that we can welcome them with open arms. But I fear that the radicals would only go underground and play moderate until they were allowed back in and then start this all over again. But I am willing to follow that course. If we did toss 'em all and let them return once the moderates were onboard, and the violence started up again, then we would be forced to ban them forever or, in an extreme case, actually destroy islam. That would be a sad day for them. But the nazis had to be taken down too, and I am sure it was a sad day for the nazis when we did that.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am not equating radical...wait, I am equating radical islam with the nazi regime. I am and much like the nazis, they must be destroyed.

    If you stand with them you deserve what you get.
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