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    This is just the very beginning of the downfall, and hopefully eventual ouster, of the U.N. The U.N. has outlived it's usefulness. It is full of corrupt people who have the worst of intentions towards the U.S....

    Wow...I was just doing research in the middle of this post and have found some things I had heard about and been meaning to get to browse.

    What I have found is, to say the least, distressing....and to put it in words that are screaming in my head, FUCKING ASININE!!!!!

    O.K., here is the deal. The U.N., and it seems, quite a few countries, are really chasing this "globalization" thing. They have a plan for an international criminal court, and on their "rogues gallery" is, among others, Kissinger and Ariel Sharon. Frankly I don't like the idea of an international criminal court that would essentially take away the rights of Americans to be tried by their courts under their laws.

    Here is a phrase you are going to hear more of in teh coming years. Universal jurisdiction. I am going to do alot more research on this stuff.

    To finish up this post I will say that the U.S. needs to get the hell out of the U.N.

    The U.N. will be the downfall of freedom as we know it. More to come.
    and fuck the UN
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