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    So I haven't been around much, but that all ends now. I am back. And for your enjoyment today we get to see the ACLU smacked down for their sad attempt at getting the Bush administration in trouble for their policy of extraordinary rendition.

    It seems a german citizen claimed that the CIA abducted him, drugged him and sent him to9 a prison in a third world country where he was tortured and finally released on a hilltop in another country in a case of mistaken identity.

    The Supreme Court yesterday dismissed the case
    without comment after the Bush Administration said that if the case were not dismissed it would threaten state secrets.

    What I want to know is WHY a group that calls itself the AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union is so concerned with the civil liberties of a german citizen. The last time I checked our civil liberties did not apply to the citizens of other countries, and the ACLU is not the arbiter of international law. We'll ignore the fact for the moment that international law is NOT what our government should worry about when they are making decisions about how bes to protect the country.

    In a related story (related because people that obviously care more about their beliefs than the security of this country once again have caused our government to have a harder time tracking our enemies actions) a slip of the lip caused what amounted to an internal Al-Q intranet to shut down when it was revealed that the U.S. Government was watching their sites and gleaning intel from them without them knowing they had their security breached.

    The ACLU, the NYT and other groups and organizations that fight against our government on the GWOT are basically attacking freedom and the safety and security of this nation, putting Americans in harms way in their misguided attacks on our governments attempt to track and deal with terrorists.

    What I want to know is this;

    When the islamists get control and impose sharia law, will the ACLU have the balls to stand up and say "no way achmed", or do you think it more likely that they will realize that speaking against the caliphate is a death sentence?

    I am betting they will shut up and become good little dhimmis.
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