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    Hello Iowa,

    I want to take a moment to talk to you, state to state. For better or worse your people have chosen to start picking a presidential candidate rather early, but that's ok.

    As a state that is supposedly full of "blue staters" you would think it odd that I am about to ask your people to vote for a conservative, but the truth is that once you get away from my lovely and rugged coast lines and head inland I am a rather Red State. All those liberals on the coast give me a bad reputation, so please ignore Hollywood and the ultra-liberal Sand Francisco set, and trust me when I say I know what I am talking about.

    And what I want your people to do is to go out and choose Fred Dalton Thompson as their choice for the Republican Candidate for president.

    There are several reasons whey I, as a State in this Great Nation, am endorsing Fred Thompson for President. Aside from the fact that he reminds me of one of my favorite former residents, Ronald Reagan, I think he is the only person running for office that has been consistent to what he says he believes in for his entire life.

    As a state that cares deeply about the principles that made me the great state I am, I want to see those principles and beliefs pushed forward, to give other states the chance to achieve some of the greatness I have experienced since my induction into this great country.

    Lately I have been under attack by folks streaming over my southern border and millions of others that wont work and think that the state government owes them something, and that reflects badly on me as a state. I don't like it. We must bring about change in this country and bring us back to the beliefs and policies that made us great in the first place, and conservative principles, and a strong leader that embodies as many of those principles as possible, is the only way to do that.

    So Dear Iowa, ask your people to go out and support Fred Thompson for President. My friend Kender, who let me use his blog to get thi smessage out has told me that you can click the link below and donate money to Fred to help him get his message out. Tell them that Kender and The Great State of California sent you.

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