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    So I haven't been around (online) much. To the two people paying attention our internet radio project (Wide Awakes Radio) is in the final stages of development (now that we have figured out what we want things to look like and what we want to be able to do), but that's neither here nor there for the most part.

    What I want to say today I want to direct to the moronic cretins that claim that the protests against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is a matter of racism.

    I am sick and tired of you idiots trying to claim that when citizens demand that our government do their job, you know, enforce the laws and security of this country that we are doing so because of racism.

    Let me tell you dumbass piles of protoplasm something. If I broke into your home and demanded that you take care of me in exchange for cleaning your toilet and cutting your lawn and doing your dishes you would call the cops faster than Anna Nicole Smith downing a new bottle of pills.

    So why would you think that it would be fair to let people break into the country and then demand to be coddled? I will tell you is because every sumbitch that sneaks in here illegally is a damned thief.

    That's right, I just called you all damned thieves.

    And while I am on my soapbox let me say a word about you stupid kids that go to these protests and wear your masks and your lil shit che shirts and hold banners touting socialism.....everyone of you are dumber than dogshit and the best part of you ran down your mama's you not understand that socialism is THEFT?

    So is it some guilt you carry because you have more than others (a fact you should probably thank your hardworking parents for) or are you really so lazy that advocating theft and a sub-standard (but equal) lifestyle actually sounds like a good idea to you?

    Now on to you cowardly bastards that give equal credence to every "culture" no matter how backwards and primitive it tends to be. Let me say that to those of you that claim islam is equal to the culture of the west are either out of your friggin pot-addled minds or so damned warped that the only way to straighten out your thought processes would be to put your thick yet empty heads in a vice, tighten it and spin your sallow, saggy, granola and tofu built body one hundred and eighty degrees....and then just for good measure drill a hole between your eyes and use a paint mixer to unscramble your two surviving brain folks are beyond stupid and the fact that you can walk and breathe at the same time should amaze medical science.

    Do you people that claim that terrorists are freedom fighters not realize that many of you (and I am talking to the lumberjack lesbians and the gay fellows) would be outright killed in a country run by these militant religious wackos?

    Speaking of militant religious wackos (like our friends at CAIR) what have you got against people being free to live their lives the way they see fit?

    Oh, I see, it's your "holy book" is it? Tells you that everyone must believe what you beleive or they are infidels only worthy of killing or some such?

    Let me tell you dickheads in dirty bedsheets what you can do with your can take them (using your left hand of course) and shove them right up where the donkey dick goes. So your holy book says what it says.....big holy book says "All men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain INALIENABLE rights, among them the rights to LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness" which means my rights endowed to me by our creator (we have the same one, you just don't know it and worship some moongod bitch) trump what your pedophile prophet said so many hundreds of years ago, and just in case you get it in your lice ridden head to come teach me a lesson about your holy book and some prohibition about
    insulting you, let me remind you that part of my holy book says I have the right to be armed, so if you are reading this and get angry because of what I have said bring it on little bitch, I'll be waiting with hollow points and a thirst to send you on to your pedophile prophet in the afterlife.

    To sum up this rant;

    Those of you that claim protest against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is racism, you are idiots that don't deserve to continue living in a country as great as this one....and all of your illegal friends and family members are thieves....and don't thieves go to hell?;

    To you lil che loving socialists that hide behind masks and want to usher in a new world order of government sanctioned thievery and low living standards, your dad needs to beat your ass;

    To you cowards that won't call evil evil and that claim equal footing for every culture no matter how vile I hope that a gang of midget estonian sex slavers steals you away in the middle of the night and sells you to a donkey show in tijuana....of course you would think that suddenly being a sex slave to a donkey named panchito was just as good as living in the suburbs with 2.5 kids and an SUV, but as I pointed out, you're stupid that way;

    And finally to the dogs in dirty bedsheets sticking their asses in the air to pray to some moongod, a warning.....this country was founded by brave men who knew what true freedom was and how to get it and keep it, and no matter how many innocents you kill or how much you claim the superiority of your backwards ass "religion" or how much the media leads you to believe that you are besting America let me promise you have not yet seen the anger of this country, and on the day that my countrymen wake up and decide that enough is enough, and that it is time for you to go bye bye you won't be able to find a hole deep enough to escape our justice and vengeance, and on that day you will pray fruitlessly to your moongod and beg for your life, but all you will hear is the sound of death breathing down your dirty neck and the last thing that will run through your mind is that you are wrong, you have been led down an evil path and you will spend your eternity being bathed in hellfire....
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