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    The Wide Awakes

    Now, in these final days before launch, life is hectic. Having secured equipment, show hosts and all of the necessary sundries that go into such an undertaking, (including a matched set of Law Dogs, you know the kind, big brass balls, huge fangs, eat-steel-and-piss-napalm-chew-out-your-nads-and-make-you-wish-I-had-never-been-born Law Dogs) I find that these last days are swamped with little details.

    Once we launch maybe life will settle into a quiter routine, but I doubt that also. My hosts are chomping at the bit, straining at the ropes and restless in the gate. Some dumbasses seem to think that Wide Awakes Radio is Cao's undertaking. Not so. It's mine. The fact that Jack Idema will have a show on this network really bugs the stoopidpats, that stalwart band of Columbia Communists that steal school resources for their countless and baseless attacks on Idema, Cao and all of our patriotism in general.

    Emporer Misha, our Dark Imperial Lord of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is smiling evilly and chuckling darkly at the thought of the mounds of roasted moonbats that all of us will soon be feasting on, in a metarphorical sense, and frankly I don't expect anyone that stands against The Emperor to have the balls to call him and argue, ever.

    My friends, Wide Awakes Radio will be an outlet of rational right thinking talk, that truly focuses on what you care about. Unless you are a leftist twit. In that case it is simply going to be one more chance for you to prove your cowardice and thr narrow focus of your indoctrinated little head.

    In the words of that most Immortal of Philosophers, Al Bundy, "Let's rock!!!"
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