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    Linked in the title is my favorite story of the preceding year.
    It highlights the idiocy of the (lack of) thought processes of the liberal mind.

    It is the story of St. James Davis, his wife Ladonna and a chimp named Moe.

    The links in the original story are, of course, long dead, but news never dies, it just gets archived.

    Short story of this is they had a chimp that got put in a chimp home, they went to visit and other chimps got loose and attacked them, and while he was being attacked he "was trying to reason with them," according to his wife, who went on to say druing an appearance on Good Morning America, "You can't discriminate. We don't know about [their] background or childhood."

    I want to point out that phrase. "You can't discriminate. We don't know about [their] background or childhood,".

    Did you get that? Maybe these chimps had "bad childhoods" and THAT is why they were attacking her husband.

    See? Now it all makes sense. Maybe if a wild animal attacks you and he suffered from a "bad childhood" you can TALK him out of trying to kill you.

    Their attorney, Gloria Allred had this tp say when asked if the Davis couple were done playing with large wild animals that could kill you; (from the original article)

    "But LaDonna Davis said she will keep loving chimpanzees, saying it is unfair to say all chimps are dangerous because of the actions of these two."

    Now is it me or is this the same kind of claptrap that I hear about radical islamic terrorists?

    Is this not the same line of reasoning we hear from the left constantly about "reasoning" with the animals that want to destroy us and saw our heads off in the name of allah (peas be upon him)?

    Is anyone else out there seeing a pattern? Does this not sound like the same kind of shiite that constantly spills from the mouths of the appeasers in europe and here?

    As I said, this is a sad story, and I do feel sorry for the man, but I can't help but think that maybe he made a bad choice, maybe trying to "reason" with an animal that goes on instinct will earn you the asskicking, or the mauling, or even the beheading that you deserve.

    So that is my personal favorite post of the year folks. It has all of the elements that perfectly illustrate the idiocy of the left, which is something we should continue to focus on, especially since 2006 is an midterm election year and if this country has any hope of surviving we must keep the appeasing socialist out of power and Protect and Defend all that has made this country great.

    Happy New Year.
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