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    We may not be willing to go to war with Iran, but Iran is prepping itself to go to war with us. From long-range missiles to Iran's pursuit of American weaponry, they've been working on militarizing their nation. Now, the Iranian propoganda machine has been put in motion. Stop the ACLU now has information regarding what rhetoric is now being broadcast across that nation.

    While America is doing its best to solve the problem with Iran through diplomatic means, Iran seems to be provoking us with propaganda. Allah Pundit points us to this Memri video that claims that Iran has captured American troops. The propaganda they are running with seems to be from 2004 with captured Britans. However, this is only the beginning of their brainwashing propaganda.

    Stop the ACLU also has the video. This is all an obvious attempt to provoke action on our part, and encourage the Iranian people to hate Americans. It's just like Saddam's propoganda television. Allah Pundit chimes in:

    This is just a coming attraction, mind you. The transcript says a full program, called “The Illusion of Power,” will air on Iranian TV soon. (Update: I’m pretty sure at least some of the footage comes from this incident dating to June 2004. That involved three British patrol boats, but MEMRI says some of the men in the video are American soldiers. I don’t remember any cases of Iran capturing U.S. troops; does anyone else? In any case, the fact that they’re running this stuff on TV now certainly lends credence to Captain Ed’s theory.)

    I agree with the entire theory, which is that Iran is moving onto war footing. If you don't think Ahmadinejad is crazy enough to plan a war with the United States, look at his history. He's denied the Holocaust, said Israel should be wiped off the map, and is pushing for nuclear weapons. Get ready, because the war rhetoric is only going to be stepped up.
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