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    I'm posting this all around the blogasphere, wherever I contribute, because I just wanted to remind conservatives about the many things we have to be thankful for. I've comprised a top ten list of things to be thankful for. Some are funny, and others are serious, but they all have a clear message. There is hope.

    10. Let's be thankful that John Kerry isn't President.
    9. Be thankful that CNN isn't the most trusted name in News
    8. Be thankful that Al Franken doesn't have as many listeners as Rush
    7. Let's be thankful that the libs don't own the blogasphere
    6. Give thanks that the ACLU hasn't taken our freedom of speech... YET
    5. Let's be thankful that we can feel safe and secure in America
    4. Be thankful that we're not starving, poor, or oppressed
    3. Be thankful that we live in the greatest country on Earth
    2. Let's give thanks for the fact that we will always have our family
    1. Give a huge Thank You to our boys fighting the War on Terror

    Keep those things in mind this holiday. When you sit down with your families, if you're going to say a prayer, mention our boys serving overseas. While we're enjoying our dinners, they may be being shot at, but they know that we are thankful for them, as are the Iraqis and Afghanis that are now free. Happy Thanksgiving.

    REAL Teen is the founder of Right on the Right. He contributes to Stop the ACLU, Gribbit's Word, Kender's Musings, Republican Voices, Conservative Spirit and Big Dog's Weblog.
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