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    A few things about the economy. As a favorite author of mine once wrote, "The Economy works well, until the government steps in and regulates something". Supply & Demand have long been the principles by which the world operates. This has been true since the first caveman accepted sex in exchange for food. The government needs to step out of the way and mind their own damn business. I am of the firm belief and conviction that our "beloved" government needs to ease off and let us handle our own business.

    I've also been watching a lot of "news" lately, if you can call it that. The number one topic lately has been Martha "Fucking" Stewart and her release from jail. Who gives a flying fuck if she is getting out of jail. All anyone talks about is what is she going to do now that she is on house arrest in her palacial fucking estate. Who cares? And before Martha, everyone was talking about Condileeza Rice and her senate hearing. That was a laugh, I may be Republican but can some one please remove that uppity rich bitch from my sight. I got to the point where every time she came on TV I muted it because I was tired of hearing every other word out of her mouth be "um".

    Well, that's it for the moment. I'll post some more fun stuff later.
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